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Step by step : What is the project going to do ?



What is the project going to do

To contribute to achieving the EU 20-20-20 targets energy efficiency improvement target by :

  • Reducing the energy consumption of households.
  • Encouraging households to make green energy investments.

How is the project going to do this?

By launching energy saving interventions amongst 9.000 households in 4 European areas. These interventions will be based on a behavioral strategy and a web based system for behavioral change will be deployed. The households are regularly encouraged to try and commit to new actions to reduce energy consumption. Community-based social marketing strategies will be used to encourage energy-related investment decisions.

What’s new about it?

Existing energy saving campaigns provide households with a general awareness but do not provoke large scale behavior changes. Communication strategies involving direct contact are typically more effective on behavioural change than mass media campaigns. Thus, a system will be put into place to make individual door-to-door contact with households. The targeted households will be solicited regularly through email or by phone and will be accompanied over a 20 month period towards the adoption of energy-saving practices.

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