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3.058 households participate in the Step by Step project



3.058 households participate in the Step by Step project


The best way to observe real impact on energy consumption at large scale is to involve as many households as possible. The larger the number of involved households, the larger the total energy reduction.Currently, already 3.058 households in three different regions are participating in the Step by Step project. This corresponds to 50 % of all approached households. In both Gent and Cefalú the door-to-door recruitments are still going on.


Alcúdia | Spain: 1.408 households Results Alcudia

Gent | Belgium: 730 households

Cefalú | Italy: 920 households

Off course, this level of participation cannot be achieved solely on the own initiative of the households. Therefore, advisors go door-to-door and meet as many people as possible.

However, meeting people is not enough to convince them to participate. Advisors have tablets with interactive questionnaires which allow them to have the right speech for each person they meet and suggest the right actions.


85% of households commit to try actions

In general, it’s very difficult to change every-day habits. To enable such changes, it is essential to adapt proposed actions to the way of life of each person. There is no universal solution which can be applied to everybody.

How to be sure to interest all households with the right actions? Based on the answers of participants registered during the interactive questionnaire and on the behavioural strategy behind the web based system, the best actions to propose to each of the participants is selected automatically. Each action must be easy and correspond with households’ habits.

Households are committed to try small actions which allow them to reduce their energy bills, protect their environment and preserve health.


96% of households accept to give feedback

After the first door-to-door meeting, 96% of the participating households accept to be accompanied during 24 months, and thus to give feedback.Results Cefalu

Changing behaviour is a long process. It is impossible to obtain a major behaviour change just after a first meeting. Interacting with households on a longer period is required. To achieve this, the household should accept to give its contact details.

Contacted by phone or email every six weeks, the participants can share their success with the actions they tried. They can also compare their progress with the global results of their neighbourhood. At the same time, new actions are proposed to the participant.

90% of households succeed in their actions

Personal commitment to try new actions is a great performance. But to be efficient and actually have impact, it is essential to ensure actual success of a households’ commitment.


90% have succeeded

When asked, 9 out of 10 committed households succeed in their actions! These good results show households that they can have a real impact on their environment. Thanks to that, households feel a successful dynamics. They want to share and compare their success with other participants.

And this is just a first step! In spring, a collective challenge with all participants in each European partner city will allow the households to celebrate current success and to commit to further actions. This will bring new collective dynamics in the district targeted by the “Step by Step” campaigns.


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