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Energy saving kit



Energy saving kits


An energy saving kit has been created in the framework of the Step by Step project. The kit is distributed among 50% of the participating households. The goal of the kit is to enlarge the household’s knowledge on energy saving actions and to motivate the household to take energy saving actions. The selection of households receiving the kit is made based on the chosen actions and the strategy of behavioral.




The kit contains information and energy saving tools: a led energy saving lamp, a power strip, an anti-splash tap nozzles kit and a draught excluder for windows and doors.

In Alcúdia (Spain), most kits are distributed. In Cefalú (Italy) the distribution of kits has started and in Gent (Belgium) the distribution will start soon. The kit has been very well perceived by the inhabitants and gives extra visibility to the Step by Step project in the different regions.



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